It is the ultimate in pest elimination services. In very simple terms, fumigation involves the introduction of a special gas, with high penetrating qualities into a sealed chamber, building or other type of airtight structure to completely eliminate pest infestations and to do that, specialized equipment and a thorough knowledge of the process are required to accomplish a successful fumigation.

That is why you can depend on us to help solve all your pest control needs. Crepps Fumigation Service is equally adept at addressing pest control issues for homeowners, commercial enterprises including apartment and office buildings, ware houses, educational facilities, hospitals, restaurants and hotels.

We have the experience, education and ability, backed by the latest technology, to control all kinds of pest infestations including Mice, Rat, Cockroaches Ants, Fleas, Wasps, Bees, Bed Bugs, Birds, Wildlife and a whole lot more. We get rid of the current problem and eliminate reoccurrences with both emergency services and monthly preventative care. Our unique approach to handling and treatment of pest infection and eliminating them provides us the ability to quickly and effectively respond to any unexpected changes thereby saving time and minimizing damage to delicate materials especially in ware houses. We conduct a thorough site overview to identify particular characteristics and determine how each site should be handled to protect valuables during fumigation.


Pest that is likely to invade your residence and commercial facilities includes the


There are four types of cockroaches that can affect your residencies and commercial facilities and about 3500 species, the most common ones found in homes and offices and most food processing facilities are the American type. Cockroaches can be carried into homes in bags, boxes, and luggage which have an infection of cockroaches or their eggs.

Cockroaches are nocturnal, hiding during the day and becoming active at night. The number of cockroaches people see is usually a small percentage of a much larger population. Cockroaches prefer different habitats depending on the species. Areas where cockroaches are likely to hind include, cupboards and around refrigerators, stoves, and sinks.

At Crepps Fumigation Service, we have a guaranteed solution to all cockroach infections weather minor or serious infection, we use highly effective and safe techniques to make sure they are completely eliminated.


Bed bugs are parasites that feed on the blood of people and certain animals, and they require these blood meals to grow and reproduce. They live close to areas where people typically sleep, rest, or sit for long periods. Hungry bugs will move out from their hiding places, in search of exposed skin. Typically, the head and neck are bitten, but bed bugs will also bite bear arms, hands, and legs. Black color spots on mattresses, boxes and frames and blood spots on bed sheets and pillows are an indication of their presence.

The best time to look for the bedbugs is a couple of hours before sunrise. There are commons questions on how they get into our homes, review your activities for past few weeks. They can come with our luggage and clothes if we stayed at a place which had bedbug’s infestation, they can come with used furniture and clothes, they can come with a visitor or they can come even with new furniture if the delivery truck was used to carry old infested furniture.
At Crepps Fumigation Service, we can guarantee you of a total bed bugs free environment through a careful reviewing of the history of your problem, we adopt the best and most effective way of solving your problem based on our review.


House Flies

These are the common type of flies which invade homes, schools, businesses and other facilities during dry season like the Hamatan season. They are attracted to decaying organic material such as garbage bins, leftover food, dead animal or plant material. When we have them in our homes, we may also see their maggots and pupae in different areas. House flies can also carry and transmit disease causing organisms like bacteria, virus and protozoa and can spread diarrhea, food poisoning, cholera, intestinal worms, dysentery and typhoid fever.

Fruit Flies

These are tiny flies with red eyes and are attracted to fruits, vegetables and other fermenting materials like clogged drains, decaying organic matter and sour rags or mops.

Cluster Flies

These are sluggish flies which enter the buildings through cracks or openings in the structures and end up in wall voids, attics and window and door frames.

Drain Flies

These are small flies which breed in drains and then start flying in different parts of the house. 

At Crepps Fumigation Service, we offer a range of flies control program including chemical methods like spraying and fogging and non-chemical methods like baiting, drain treatment, traps and fly lights along with habitat modification. 



Got a mice problem? Let us tell you some facts about mice. 

Got a mice problem? Let us tell you some facts about mice. 

Out of different species of mice, House Mice are most common problem in the residential and commercial facilities. Mice are a year around problem but generally we get mice inside the houses when it starts getting cold outside especially in the raining season. During this time, there is a shortage of food source and thereby making them uncomfortable living outside. 

As mice can squeeze in through a dime size hole it could be some gap around AC pipes, water meter line or electrical line entry points where they got in. Open garage door or torn weather stripping on the garage door could also invite them in. The signs of their presence are mice running around especially during night, scratching noise in walls or ceilings and black color droppings. Mice breed very fast as they can have 9-10 litters in a year having 6-8 pups in each litter. So if the problem is overlooked or delayed to handle, it might get worst in few months. When we have a problem for a while we might expect them in any part of the house, under the kitchen sink, behind washing machine, stove and refrigerator, drop ceiling, electrical panel, garage are few to mention. 

Mice problem in the home or commercial facility is not only a nuisance but also a health risk as they can infect our food with their droppings and urine and can transmit disease in a number of ways including biting and carrying disease causing organism as Salmonella. Health issues associated with mice include Salmonella (a cause of food poisoning), tap worms, rat bite fever, infectious jaundice, fungus disease and house mites dermatitis. 

At Crepps Fumigation Service, we have a one stop solution to all your mice problems weather in homes, commercial, industrial or high rise buildings. We use different techniques based on the review of your problem, we work in a safe manner bearing in mind factors like presence of kinds, food items and pets in and around the homes. Call us today because we have a guaranteed solution to your mice problems.


Each year millions of buildings are invaded by termites, causing a lot of money in damage annually. It doesn't matter where you live, your home or business can be a target for termites. Even buildings and houses on concrete slabs are threatened by termites finding their way through small cracks. Subterranean termites are the most damaging kind and lives in colonies in the soil. Each colony is built around a king and queen, the sole purpose of termites is to reproduce. Most of the termites that comprise the colony are worker termites, the ones that cause the damage to your home or business.

More often than not, you will not see signs of their work until something gives way. Immediate pest control action is needed at that point. It is even possible that there are more colonies working on your building at a time, so you need advice with a specialized pest controller when you suspect termites, and that is why you need to consider Crepps Fumigation Service, because we can help solve all your termite problems through a careful reviewing of your termite problem after which we use a modern method and more effective techniques to help eradicate the termites.